May 15, 2021

Book of the Dead Movie

Even though in America skull images are connected to Halloween or horror movies, down south, in Mexico, skulls and bones is a very important part of the culture and, especially, of the Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos) which is one of the most traditional holidays there. This is the scenery which will be portrayed in the book of the dead movie, in which director Jorge Gutierrez will include amazing paintings for this animated feature.

For those who don’t know it, the Day of the Dead happens between October 31 (our Halloween) and November 2th. Within these days, people pay tribute to dead by decorating their graves, designing altars in their houses and wearing traditional makeup.

Gutierrez explained that this holiday is huge in Mexico and he even married his wife on the day of the holiday. His main objective with this movie is to honor that important day and, he explains, he hopes to capture the essence of this very important day.

The plot of the movie is about a couple who appear with a five-year-old son. Then, the young matador  (Diego Luna) will go on a colorful journey through the land of the dead in order to win the heart of Maria (played by Zoe Saldana).